HaleyRae Quotes


If you want a one percent life you have to have a one percent work ethic.


You know you've made an impact when people start using your name as an adjective or verb.


I find nothing more satisfying and inspiring than driving around Los Angeles at 2:00AM. There is something magical about speeding around in the silence knowing that in the daytime it's one of the busiest and most bustling cities in the world.


Energy, Hope, Passion and Fire. What's more important, those four words or what you do with them?


I love walking around LA alone at night and listening to the indistinct chatter of bar and restaurant patrons. It reminds me even though I feel so alone inside that I am surrounded by so much vibrant life. When I am feeling down this little thing gives me so much hope in humanity.


Go out there and HaleyRae that situation.


Even when I am surrounded by people for hours on set I can get incredibly lonely inside the thought that none of these people really know me or who I am or where I came from. No one here really knows my true backstory yet I spend so much time with these people. It's the undying faith I have that it will all be worth it is what keeps me going day after day.


I believe it is important for a person to truly know themselves and what they stand for. What are your core values and beliefs? Without this knowledge how could you ever make a stand for anything?


I choose not to edit myself because I rather people know the real honest and raw version of myself now rather than find out the truth after I'm gone.


When you do something you love for work and take care of yourself financially then that's when you know you've won at the game of life.


I have this seriously intense and unexplainable love for Los Angeles.


I am reminded almost on a daily basis that everything really does happen for a reason.


I'm sick of people not taking me seriously. When I said I was going to go out there and kill it. I meant it.


At 25 the crisis is real. Half my friends are getting married and having kids and half my friend are playing Pokémon Go. Which way do I go?


This is your ONE shot at life. Live for yourself and not for anyone else.


Sometimes in life you have to make a U-turn but, that doesn't mean you give up.


I believe in pushing positivity, happiness and optimism until rainbows shoot out your eyeballs but, I also believe in fighting for what's right in the world. Don't say it's all good if it's not really all good. I will always fight for social justice and equality for all.


The longer you live in LA the more you'll understand why they call it The City of Angels.


In LA the struggle is real but, the hustle is realer.


For some of us we just need to realize our life is a lot more like Blue Valentine and a lot less like The Notebook.


No one will ever be a replica of me just like how no one will ever be able to replicate you. Treasure that.


I want my story to be something everyone can relate to but also an unfathomable journey all at the same time.


I love seeing family, relatives and old friends from my past. It reminds me who I am and where I came from. It anchors me back to my core values especially when I get caught up in all the hype of LA.


You can be more talented than me or more beautiful than me but you will never out work me.


Stop trying to impress others. Impress your own damn self.


I've learned over the years that angels really do exist. They just don't all have wings and halos. They come in and out of your life in many forms. They could be family, friends, relatives, acquaintances, strangers, employers, coworkers, animals, opportunities, cities or nature.


Work hard, party harder, sleep hardest.


I think a big turning point for me was the day I realized I had to be my own hero and that no one was going to save me or do the work for me or chase my dreams for me. The weight was all on my shoulders alone and everything was up to me.


Never forget that this is YOUR life and no one else's.


There is nothing chill about cool sculpting.


Love always wins.


If you waste your time worrying about what others think and trying to impress, you'll never get anywhere is life. Instead choose who you want to be and then stand your ground. As long as you are happy that is all that matters.


Never play by the rules of someone else's game. I think this thought may be the core reason I have such an issue with figures of authority.


Life can be amazing if you make it.


Go out there and HaleyRae the day.


I'm still that little girl that wanted to be a veterinarian and that tween that wanted to be a crime scene investigator and that teen that wanted to be a marine biologist. It's all of these culminated together that make me who I am today.


Sometimes I just stop and look around at the city surrounding me and smile at the thought of how humans created all this beauty built up around me. Humans are amazing. I think the human race is so much more capable than we give ourselves credit for. Everything around me was once just a thought in one human's mind.


No one will ever know you as well as you know yourself.


You do you. Always do you.


What works for me or works for someone else may not work for you. Figure out what works for you and do that.


You can have absolutely anything in this world if you want it bad enough.


I see this amazing enduring beauty in LA that I always wonder if anyone else really sees this city the way I do.


I am so in love with the city of Los Angeles. I would marry it if I could.


Decide what kind of life you want for yourself. Write it down. Tell everyone you know and then hustle everyday until one day you wake up realize you've made it.


You have to make a contract with yourself regarding your limits and what you are and are not okay with. Once you have this no one else's opinion matters.


I love LA because it's filled with like minded performers who decided to chase their dreams and choose a better life for themselves.


LA is really right for some people and really wrong for others and those two types of people have a very difficult time understanding each other.


Living in LA feels like time is sped up and your constantly trying to keep up with the hamster wheel. LA life seems to move at light speed compared to everywhere else.


For the record, I want everyone to win. I want all my friends and family to achieve success and happiness, whatever that means to them. I want all of them to have their dream house, car, partner, career and lifestyle.


The first year in LA is this beast that you either conquer and come out stronger than ever or it chews you up, spits you out and sends you home more broken than ever.


The energy, ideas and passion I have in the dead of night is unstoppable. I just wish I felt the same at 7:00AM the following day.


When I moved to LA I was surrounded by so many super successful men that could offer me a lifestyle of no limits. I could do and have whatever I wanted. Until one day it dawned on me that it would be even better if I could give myself that limitless lifestyle rather than to depend on a man financially.


There are so many hard working immigrants in the country that are in every way American except for their lack of legal papers. It’s our duty as a country to welcome and embrace these people into our nation and give them a more fair and reasonable path to citizenship.


I have so many pockets of friendship groups all over the world. I just wish I could access them all whenever I wanted. I’m always missing so many people at any one time. You know who you are.


I especially appreciate and gravitate towards people who speak their bold honest truth. I really respect someone brave enough to tell me their story raw.


The grass looks green as shit on everyone else’s lawn until you touch it and realize it’s plastic.


I rather speak up and sound a little cocky than stay quiet trying to look humble.


I’m just a creature of the night that wants so badly to be a being of the day.


I don’t want to be remembered for the things I did. I want to be remembered for how I did them.


I still remember the days I dreamed of the life I have now.


I remember standing in the snow and the freezing cold in Toronto waiting for the bus in 2009. In that moment I decided I was never going to do that again. I wanted better than that. I wanted a better life. A life where I never had to stand in the cold and wait for the bus or the street car or the subway again. I wanted to live somewhere hot and sunny year round and drive a good car and deck it out in pink and sparkles just how I like it.


Like I said, if I want something I get it.


I can’t stand damsels in distress. Women who aren’t in control of their life and just let shit happen to them are my pet peeve.


Life tip: If a man says “Don’t  worry, I’ll take care of you.” = You do need to worry. He will NOT take care of you.


I’m not scared of losing everything because I know I will  always rebuild it all. If that makes me a “high-risk person” so be it.


Sometimes you have to be the brave one. Sometimes you have to be the first one to jump.


Anything is possible in this world, this life, your life. The sooner you realize and accept this the sooner you are are free.