First World Problems


Smelling Someone Else's Perfume Over Yours

Dry Cuticles

Line Up At In N Out Too Long

When Your Tailor Goes On Vacay

When Gucci Goes On Sale And Everything Is Sold During PreSale

Slow Walkers

Slow Drivers

Dying Cell Phone Battery When You Need To Use Waze

Your Favorite Perfume Being Discontinued

People Stepping On Your Nice Shoes

Uncomfortable High Heels

No Wifi

No Cell Reception

Picking Food To Eat

Not Enough Choices Of Food To Eat

No Parking Spots

New Shoes Giving You Blisters

No Closet Space

Having To Pay Back Student Loan

Too Many Clothes Not Enough Space

Next time you’re angry, frustrated, annoyed, irritated or anxious about any of these “problems” just take 20 deep breaths and think about how grateful you are for all the abundance in your life ie; food, shelter, family, friends, love, etc. It could be worse. You could be homeless, or starving and dying of HIV/AIDS in Africa. We are all so lucky to live in a first world country. Get some perspective.