Mr. T


Mr. T taught me in grade 5 at Monterey Elementary School 2001-2002. Personally that year was one of my most difficult as I was dealing with some pretty severe health issues and had been placed in a different class from all of my friends. I do remember many highlights of being in Mr. T’s class like our trip to the Vancouver Aquarium, class picnic at the lake, and mid afternoon breaks where he would give us a third recess to get fresh air and pick up trash. I was the student that silently suffered with OCD, anxiety, depression and the pressure to be perfect. I think Mr. T took notice of this and made sure to give me extra special attention. In the darkest most difficult year of my childhood Mr. T was a bright shining star to me. I went on to grow up, move to Beverly Hills and build a successful career in the entertainment industry. Even though he probably doesn’t remember me, I will always remember him as one of Oak Bay’s most influential educators and hometown heroes.

-HaleyRae Christian Cannell

P.S. I hope you play “waxed beans” one last time!