Tips To Get A Good Night Sleep If You Suffer From Anxiety


1. Turn off all caffeine by 2:00pm. instead drink peppermint tea or camomile tea. Every night at around 9:00pm I drink a tea “Yogi: Restful Sleep”. It is the best.

2. 30 minutes before sleep time: turn off iPhone, laptop and TV. Look at a magazine or read. Turn away all clocks and have no “blue light” shining in your room. Open your bedroom window for 10 minutes while you get ready for bed. The fresh air is super important for a good sleep and getting a bit chilled, so that you want to climb into the bed and under the covers, is a good thing.

3. Nightly ritual: wash face, brush teeth, brush hair and have a 10 minute sit in a warm tub using Johnson’s Baby Bath wash in Lavender. ( purple bottle) wash with it and make a bit of a bubble bath with it. Other option is a 10 minute soak in Bath with Epsom Salts — -I buy the lavender scented bag from the drug store.

4. Do 5 yoga poses for anxiety (legs up the wall is my favourite).

5. Remove contacts from your eyes as early as possible.

6. Pre-bedtime snacks: warm steamed milk (no sugar), cheese, yogurt, crackers.

7. When you lie down, take time to name your blessings- things you are grateful for, then tell your body you are thankful for it taking you through the day and give it permission to rest.

8. Pranayama breathing: to slow down your nervous system. In through the nose and out through the nose. in for a count of 5 (slow) and the same breathing out. let your body just fall like jello into the bed and let your body rise and fall naturally. We always “hold” our bodies and they are tensed up when we are not even aware.

9. Last resort: a little Melatonin — -very occasionally if ever at all.